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Helpful Information on American Racing Wheels

American Racing Wheels are a product if the American Racing Equipment Company. Alongside these wheels the firm is also a reputable manufacturer of rims and an entire range of racing wheels. These custom wheels and rims are suited for muscle trucks, trucks, and SUVs. As you shop for American Racing Wheels you will be glad to note that you can also acquire allied accessories including jackets, t-shirts, headwear, and even decorative poster stickers and banners. American Racing Wheels are renowned for their high performance capacities whatever the type of vehicle they are used in.

American Racing Wheels that have made a mark in the market

American Racing Wheels and Custom Rims have long been associated with driving excellence the trend began in the 60s and is still strong to the present day. All the wheels have been designed to incorporate innovation and practicability. Some of the most famous brands of American Racing Wheels include 5 Spokes, the Americans, and the Torq Thrusts. The latter has acquired legendary status owing to a fine classic design. This wheel has established itself as a pro-safety accessory thanks to its superior braking system that facilitates cooling. Apart from being lightweight the American Racing Wheels Torq Thrust is a sight to behold very stylish and flashy.

The American Racing Wheels Torq Thrust excellence continues today

American Racing Wheels did not sit on their laurels even after the winning reviews that still continue to adorn their celebrated wheel. The Torq Thrust is now available in several formats which still bear the quality hallmarks of the pioneering wheel. Drivers will be glad to know they can purchase the Torq Thrust D (one-piece alloy) and even the Torq Thrust II (two-piece alloy). Owners of SUVs and trucks have not been left out. There is the Torq Thrust ST to serve their driving purposes.

American Racing Wheels have ensured that all these Torq Thrust modifications maintain the same characteristic lowered stance in the vehicle. The rims fitted on these American Racing Wheels are intended to give the vehicle a wide track hence stability. The vehicle is granted an overall aerodynamic style that makes driving a pleasure.

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