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Automotive Brake Parts What you need to know

All automobiles have automotive brake parts fitted into them to so as to facilitate a well coordinated speed reduction. Automotive brake parts involve quite a number of integral pieces and it is useful to know some of them especially the main ones. In the array we have items like brake boosters, wheel studs, brake cylinders, brake boosters, pumps, auto brake rotors, brake linings and rolls. All these components are part of the grand braking system that is principled upon energy momentum transfer with the aid of frictional forces. All the automotive brake parts in your vehicle combine to perform useful tasks like speed control, speed reduction, and vehicle movement control.

Automotive brakes are classified as either the brake system or the brake parts. The system has to do with the design i.e. does the car use disc braking or does it use drum braking? Automobile brake parts have to do with the components that make up the system.

What materials are used to make automotive brake parts?

The types of material used in fabricating automotive brake parts are largely dependent on the purpose for which the vehicle is going to be used. While steel is the most preferred material for the construction of these parts it is necessary to know that high performance breaks are indeed made from other materials. The commonest metals that are used in the production of high performance automotive break parts include titanium, cast iron, chromium, brass, aluminum, plastic, rubber, vanadium, stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, and iron.

The role of automotive brake parts in the brake system

The brake system as has been mentioned is composed of several individual automotive break parts. To begin with we have the brake pedal onto which the driver applies a force. This force is then transferred into the master cylinder through a push rod. Within the master cylinder is a piston and brake fluid. The same force pushes on the piston that in turn pushes the brake fluid through brake lines and into a caliper or wheel cylinder depending on the system in play. Automotive brake parts are therefore different for disc braking and drum braking systems.

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