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How to Replace and Install a CV Axle Shaft (without Forking out the Cash)

Itís important to understand that when it comes to axle shaft repair or replacement, whether it is a Ford, a Chevy or a Toyota, sometimes axle repair is unavoidable. Axles can break or need replacement just like anything else in life does. However, itís also important to understand that there are more options than just visiting you nearest dealership and taking the first price they give you. In fact, if you are looking into CV axle shaft repair, it is possible to order the parts online and do the repair work yourself.

Hereís how:

Buying the Replacement Axle shaft

First of all, visit a dealership or mechanic to see what parts you will need. Make a list so you know the exact axle shaft replacement details. Then take this part number online and see if you can order the part for cheaper. In most instances, you can.

Removing the CV Axle Shaft

The first part of your repair service is removing the old CV axle shaft. You will first need to remove the wheel cover and remover to centre dust hub cover, the hub nut, cotton pin, the space washer and the lock nut. Loosen the lug nuts and then raise the vehicle above ground with your jack stands. Make sure your e-break is one, just in case. Remove the tire and disconnect the stabilizer bar from the suspension arm. Next, pry the ball joint out of the steering knuckle and swing the steering knuckle away from the transaxle. With a pry bar, pull out the CV axle out of the transaxle. There you go- halfway done!

Installing the CV Axle Shaft

Start by putting multipurpose grease onto the splines of each of the CV axle shafts to keep it moist. Line up the inner end of the shaft in the transaxle and push the axle until it is seated flush. Then, swing the steering knuckle out to position the outer end of the CV axle shaft in the hub. Next, reattach the ball joint to the steering knuckle and return the tire, lock nuts, space washer, hub cover, hub nut, cotton pin, wheel cover to the original position.

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