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Which Billet Grill is Right for You?

Are you looking for the perfect identity marker for your car? We all want our car to be a reflection of ourselves. This is why many people will invest in bumper stickers with their University emblem, car seat covers with flowers on them, and personalised license plates that say GOT2BME. Sure, you can go the traditional (and somewhat tacky) route with the above suggestions, but more and more people are electing to change their front grill as a reflection of their style and sophistication. There are various types of grills such as, street scene grills, mesh grille inserts, custom grills, truck grilles and chrome billet grilles to mention a few.

Stock Grills vs. Billet Grills

When you buy a car or a truck, you will most likely get a standard ABS plastic grill. The grill is meant to protect the front end and provide ventilation into the engine, radiator, etc. Most grills come in a mesh finish with their circular holes, square holes or rectangular holes to allow air and water circulate through the carís system. However, many people are choosing to buy custom made and more personal billet grills which are made out of various materials and project a more personal image to your car or truck.

The Three Types of Billet Grills

Your first option when it comes to billet grills is aluminium billet grills, which are the most popular. Aluminium is a durable, rust resistant and shiny material. Furthermore, it is versatility, strong, light and can be moulded to a style you choose. Aluminium can be combined with either magnesium or silicon to mould the various designs and styles you choose for your car.

Another option is stainless steel billet grills which are not only extremely strong and corrosion resistant, but also great for custom designs. Stainless steel tends to give trucks and cars a tough look and also tends to be thicker.

Finally, the ABS plastic billet grill is the more economical for those on a budget. Although the ABS plastic grill may not give off that shiny and strong look, it does have other pluses. For example, ABS plastic billet grills are lightweight, durable and rigid. Another reason why many people choose the ABS plastic billet model grills is because they can usually be painted to match your carís custom design.

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