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What is the Purpose of a Bumper Cover?

If you have ever seen an automobile with some sort of black vinyl or leather covering over the bumper, then you may have wondering what it was and what the purpose for the product was. To answer the question, it is called a bumper cover or it is commonly called a bra. But what is the purpose of a bumper cover? In this article you will find all sorts of information regarding bumper covers or bras, as they are commonly referred to and what the purpose of these products are.

What is a bumper cover and what is the purpose of a bumper cover?

It has become quite popular among automotive enthusiasts and car lovers who enjoy accessorizing and caring for their car to purchase a bumper cover for their car. A bumper cover is a black cover that can be made of either leather or vinyl, that covers the entire front bumper of the automobile. The purpose of the bumper cover is to not only provide protection to the bumper of the automobile but to also give the automobile a sportier appearance.

Bumper covers can be purchased for the vast majority of vehicles, for instance you can purchase bumper covers for:

  • Cars (Compact cars, sports cars, sedans, hatch backs, convertibles)
  • Sport Utility Vehicles or SUV
  • Trucks (Small truck, midsize truck, full size truck, dually)

Bumper covers can also be purchased in numerous different types. The different types of bumper covers include:

  • One piece bumper covers which cover the bumper of the car only.
  • Two piece bumper covers which include one piece to cover the bumper and one piece to cover the front section of the hood.
  • One piece bumper covers that cover both the bumper and the front section of the hood. This bumper cover can be quite tedious though because you have to remove it from the hood portion of the car each time you need to pop the hood.
  • One piece bumper cover which covers just the front section of the hood.

Bumper covers can be purchased through car manufacturers or car dealerships, automotive parts and accessory stores, or online.

Depending on the style of bumper cover that you would like to purchase and what make and model car you are looking to purchase the bumper cover for, your price will vary. Bumper covers can be relatively inexpensive, but they can also reach a price point of the one hundred dollar area and slightly over.

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