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What purpose does a Car Bumper Serve for your Car?

If you were asked what the purpose of a car bumper was, what answer would you give? The answer to this question is that there is not just one answer. There are numerous different answers to this question. A car bumper, wether its the car front bumper or car rear bumper does more than just finish off the physical design element of the car. Yes, a car bumper goes far beyond just making your car look nice. In this article you will find out the numerous different purposes that your car bumper serves for you and your car. Thatís right; your car bumper serves numerous purposes for your car and for you.

What purpose does a car bumper serve a car with?

Besides making your car look nice and finishing off that attractive physical design, your car bumper goes much deeper than that. Yeah, the old saying is true beauty is more than just skin deep and this applies to your car bumper. Here are some things that your car bumper does for your car:

  • Your car bumper works as a protective barrier against harmful and damaging debris that could damage important components crucial to the operation of your car.
  • Your car bumper also works as a harness to hold your headlights in place. Your headlights can rest safely on your car bumper.
  • Your car bumper also provides a shell for the engine when combined with the hood. With the hood closed and the car bumper in tact, it provides a closed shell for the engine which protects it.
  • Your car bumper also hides and harnesses electrical components and wiring

What purpose does a car bumper serve for its occupants?

  • A car bumper works as a safety mechanism in fender benders and collisions. This is because it attempts to lessen the impact and the severity of the collision. This means that it could save you from suffering from severe injuries.
  • In a lot of cars the car bumper is equipped with a signaling device that when activated sets off the air bags in the car. The car has to be hit with a certain amount of force before this sensor will be set off. This could also save your life in a collision.

These are just a small handful of the numerous different things that a car bumper does for its occupants and for the car itself.

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