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The Types of Car Grilles

For most of us, a car grille is simply just a part of the car. The type of grill is usually standard on the make of the car, and, as long as it looks good and provides ventilation for the front of the car, then we are happy. However, if you are tired of looking at your car grille, or are interested in understanding the various types of car grilles, then you need to start at the basics.

First of all, car grilles come in four main different materials- ABS plastic, aluminum grilles, mesh car grilles and stainless steel. Essentially the grille is like the mouth or nose of your car. You want it to fit into the car style but also remain as shiny and new as possible.

ABS Grilles

ABS car grilles are the most popular and are made from plastic. They are often the standard grille option when it comes to cars and are considered light, rigid and durable. For anyone who is looking for a simple look and design, then ABS car grilles are it. ABS grilles are also rust-free and very economical, especially for a normal city driving car.

Aluminum Grilles

Aluminum grilles are lighter than the counterparts but still provide strong protection. Because they are made from aluminum, they can be shaped into any design which is why many custom made car grilles are billet grilles. Billet grilles are also usually have a polished or chromed face and project a shine that can make your car or truck light up.

Stainless Steel Car Grilles

Stainless steel grilles are usually more common on trucks than cars. They are rust resistance, strong and corrosion-free.

Mesh Car Grilles

Most mesh car grilles are reserved for the speed cars and, like the billet grilles, have a high luster finish or zinc plated.

Many people will choose to invest in a car grille guard for their choice of car grilles. Grille guards can offer protection from the weather, the conditions and any road accidents that you may get into.

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