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Cheap ATV Winches in Tricky Situation- Three Tips to Get Out with Ease

When ATVing there is a good chance you may get stuck in a few sticky situations. In fact, if you donít, then youíre not making the most out of your ATV. Part of the fun of ATVing is testing the limits. And, with cheap ATV winches, you can take your ATV anywhere and still winch your way out of a touch spot at the end.

Winches are used in all sorts of tricky situations, including tow trucking; however, for those looking for a way to take their ATV experience to the next level, consider purchasing a cheap ATV winch or used ATV winch for all your tricky situations. Below we have listed four winch strategies to get you out of the mud or dirt, and back on the ATV.

Straight Line Pull

Try a straight line pull which is more effective than an angle pull. Furthermore, it is a lot easier on your winch. Make sure you give your ATV a little bit of gas as soon as you start to winch. This will aid in the momentum and also reduces the strain on your winch.

Double your Winch, Double your Power

Another way to get out of any tough spot is to double your winch using a snatch block. This will double your winching power; however, it will also double the amount of cable you need so make sure you also double up the rope.

Spooling to the Max

In general, the more line you spool out, the greater the capacity of the winch. What this means is, when looking for cheap ATV cable winches, choose an anchor point that allows you to spool out as much cable as possible. However, always leave one full layer on the drum to avoid snapping.

Additional Factors to Consider

For safety purposes itís important to always tell someone where you plan on ATVing just in case you get too stuck. Furthermore, try to keep within mobile phone distance and always ATV with a friend or two. Wear the appropriate safety gear and donít take on more than your ATV can handle. Sure, cheap ATV winches are great for tough spots, but they will not be able to save you if you break a bone. Stay safe.

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