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Factors to Consider when Looking for Chevy Leveling Kits

No matter how well you take care of your truck, time will always get the better of it. This is why many people who love their Chevy’s will look into a Chevy Leveling Kit to give their truck a little pick-me-up. Chevy’s are built incredibly tough and incredibly strong which means they will drive for a long time. The various leveling kits are designed to simply boost your Chevy truck and adjust the level or lift to enhance the overall quality of the drive.

There are three different types of Chevy Leveling kits which all lift and adjust a certain part of your Chevy truck:

The Strut Extension Leveling Kit

Strut extensions are for the front suspension from Chevy models that use a coil over strut. Most Chevy SUV and late-model half ton trucks will use the Strut Extensions and thus need this type of Chevy leveling kit. These are one of the easiest leveling kits to use and works with a spacer on top of a factory strut. You can easily make the lift modification you need without the extra costs of parts and service.

Coil Spacer Leveling Kits

Similar to the strut extension leveling kits, coil space leveling kits add a space to the top of the factory spring buckets. Some coil spacers may need shock extensions as well, which will usually come in the coil spacer leveling kits.

Block Kits

Block kits are not standard leveling kits and are instead used to alter the read end of a vehicle. Block kits should be used if you want to add a lift when hauling or towing something heavy or if you want to boost the bum of your Chevy.

Additional Factors to Consider

Keep in mind that when choosing a Chevy leveling kit, you need to be sure that the leveling kit will work on your model of vehicle whether this is a Blazer, Suburban, Silverado or anything else. Always compare the model, make and year to determine which leveling kit is right for your beloved Chevy.

Most Chevy leveling kits will come with a lifetime warranty and all parts and tools needed to get the job done right and range in price from as little as $40.00 to over $300.00 depending on the job.

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