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Crate Engines- Performance without the Price Tag

Letís face it, new cars and truck are expensive Furthermore, they just donít make vehicles the way they used to. Most new cars and trucks on the road will crumble if they happen to hit a pole and the more durable vehicles will set you back at least $50,000! In addition to this, when you buy a new car, you lose that old sentiment and memories that your old Chevy, Ford or Dodge brought you.

For those who are looking into a way to keep their old beater alive and running well, without having to head to the dealership and offer a trade in, then crate engines may be the answer. Crate engines are replacement engines that are new and complete, built for a certain type of vehicle.

Ease of Installation

One of the reasons people opt for crate engines is because they are convenient. They come shipped to you in a wood crate, completely ready to go. In most instances you will just need to install the system (and replace the old system) which can be done at your local mechanicís shop. Furthermore, crate engines can come fully loaded partially complete. You have the option of replacing all parts in the engine including the fuel system, alternator, water pump and other accessories, or keeping some of the parts that are still in good condition.

Crate Engine Performance Models

Another reason why crate engines are so popular is because they offer a great way for your to soup up or restore your old car or truck to Ďmuscle carí status. Popular crate engines come in Camero, GTO and Mustang models for all of those classic car collectors out there.

Crate Engine for your Truck

Muscle car fanatics are not the only ones who benefit from crate engine performance models. Many people who need more power for towing, off-roading or working will opt for a crate engine for their truck. For example, Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC and Jeep all make crate engines for their various models and makes.

Crate engines start at around $2,000 and offer an easy, fun and reliable alternative to trading in your beloved car or truck.

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