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Defender Roof Racks Add to the Off Road Experience

Land Rover Defender roof racks now take the form of tubular racks robust enough to absorb the shocks characteristic of an off road trail. In addition to the versatile strengths of the Defender roof racks there is definitely an eye-catching element thanks to the superior design work. There isn’t that much more to ask from an accessory that really complements the perfect picture of a stylish vehicle that is outstanding on the off roads.

The New Expedition defender roof rack as it has been aptly named exemplifies what many drivers have been looking for in a rack. It is designed such that there is optimal space utilization meaning that you can carry much more. If you fear the risk of suffering damage to your rooftop then rest easy – the defender roof rack is constructed using tubes of steel hard and strong enough to bear your load. For extra durability and of course that fine look you will be glad to know two things. The tubes on the defender roof racks have been zinc primer coated to deter corrosion and the finished off with black powder coating.

Issues of installation and handy specs for your defender roof rack

To install the defender roof rack you won’t even need to break a sweat. The rack has clamps and fixings cast in stainless steel which are all affixed to the gutter rail of your vehicle. With the defender roof rack you get much more than just carrying convenience. Lights are especially helpful when you are stuck in the middle of the night. The fact that you can have enough lighting in either way is a double plus. The defender roof rack is features five bright lamps – four light forward while the last one lights in the direction of the vehicle’s rear.

There’s more from the New Expedition defender roof rack

Also available with the New Expedition defender roof rack is an aerodynamic-friendly gadget that takes the shape of a bib spoiler. It is fitted between the roof front and the rack. Drainage and luggage safety can be optimized with the use of weatherproof coated plywood floors that can be purchased from the company.

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