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Disk Brakes and Unfamiliar Disk Brake Parts

Disc brakes are part of a braking system that utilizes the friction of brake pads against a rotating disc to slow or stop a moving vehicle. The other alternative to this braking system is the drum brake. There are various components that make up the disc braking system and while they are largely the same in the drum format there is a slight difference. The common disc brake parts that you will meet with occasionally include the brake disc itself, brake pads, and a brake caliper. The brake disc is made of either ceramics or cast iron. The braking effort sees the brake pads press against this rotating disc. The brake force can be mechanic, hydraulic, electromagnetic, or pneumatic.

Understanding least frequently described disc brake parts

One of the disc brake parts that you rarely find described is the brake caliper. Within this disc brake part are the pistons and the brake pads. Your disc brake part dealer will mention that there are two types of brake calipers which are floating and fixed varieties. The fixed brake disc is regarded as the better as it offers better disc gasp thanks to piston clamping on both disc sides. The floating brake disc is more simplified and less expensive.

When thinking in terms of buying disc brake parts consideration on the type of option you will use for your vehicle is important. This is especially so when you think about the road types you use frequently. Floating calipers are normally afflicted with sticking failure which happens due to excessive corrosion or dirt in the mounting mechanisms. The consequences on your vehicle include heat warping of the disc brake, increased wearing of the brake pads, and depressed fuel efficiency.

Cylinders and pistons as disc brake parts

Cylinders and pistons are vital disc brake parts that also receive little mention. Vehicles with disc brake systems use hydraulic designs to increase braking force. Within brake cylinders are pistons that are actuated hydraulically in turn affecting the caliper. Ordinary caliper designs have only one such caliper-piston connection but for powerful disc brake systems the number can be as high as a dozen. Your disc brake part budget should factor in all these concerns.

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