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How to Keep your Drivetrain Running Smoothly

Your car or truckís drivetrain is, essentially, the bits that make the car move. This includes the engine, the transmission, the differentials, and driveshaft and the final drive parts. SO how can you maintain your drivetrain in a car, truck or SUV to keep your car running smoother for longer? Read on:

A Visual Inspection

First of all, open the car hood and give your drivetrain a once over. Check to see if there is any wear and tear on their front and rear axles or if there are any fluids from the various joints and seals. You should also check for dry rot or cracking which can be a sign of a problem with the drivetrain. Make sure you also check the hoses and clamps to make sure they are tightly closed.

The Fluid Test

Next, itís time to check the oil and transmission fluid. Use a rag to wipe off the respective dipsticks and make sure the oil and fluid is at the right levels. You should also check the color- transmission fluid should be a light reddish color while oil should be nearly clear. Check the transmission fluid with the vehicle running but make sure you switch it off when checking the oil.

The Driving Test

Take your car for a test drive. Do not think about anything but concentrating on the various sounds it makes. Are there any clicking sounds? Are there any clunking sounds? Test your car at both low and high speed making mental notes of any unusual sounds and when they occur. If there are sounds, perhaps when you turn a corner, perhaps when you shift gears, then let your mechanic know about them.

Additional Factors to Consider

An inspection of the drivetrain does not mean you can bypass the regular services and check-ups by a certified mechanic. You need to speak to a mechanic about any problems; however, understanding the basic elements of a drivetrain can help you determine the quality of a used car and also help you determine the underlying problem if you car does conk out. In many instances, the components in the drivetrain are to blame. If you have a newer car, you may have a drivetrain warranty.

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