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Why are Engine Parts so Important?

It doesnít matter what model vehicle you have, you need to make sure you have access to the right engine parts. This is because it is the parts of an engine that makes your vehicle operate the way it does. Without them, you donít have a car or a truck.

When it comes to choosing engine parts, you are faced with a decision. This decision is whether to invest in OEM parts and the second is aftermarket parts.

OEM engine parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In other words, these are the same parts that are on your vehicle.

When you have to have a part replaced within your engine, you will be asked if you want to go with the manufacturerís parts or with another brand. The other brands are aftermarket parts.

Some individuals claim that you do not want to go with any other parts except for those made by the manufacturer. These are parts that were meant to go in your car. The aftermarket parts are made like them. This has been an incredible debate for quite some time, but does not seem to be one with a lot of people.


Aftermarket parts tend to be more affordable. There are some who claim they do not go through the crash tests and other procedures that OEM parts do, but the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety says something completely different. They state that repairs that have been made with aftermarket engine parts do not compromise the safety of a vehicle.

Nevertheless, the resale value of a vehicle may be decreased through the use of aftermarket parts. This can be a concern for those wishing to trade in or sell their cars. But whatís important is that your car can run, your car is safe, and that you can save a little bit of money. Just remember what it is you eventually want to do with your vehicle so that you can be mindful of what parts are within your car. If you donít intend on selling it anytime soon, aftermarket parts may be your best bet. If you do, OEM may be.

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