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Fuel Parts that Make up Your Fuel System

The fuel parts on a car are probably the most important parts that contribute to the vehicle's functioning. Some very important fuel parts are the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel tank, fuel hose, and carburetor. The engine is like the brain of your car, and the fuel pump fills that brain with fuel, allowing for the car to run. The fuel filter keeps the pump from getting clogged, and the fuel tank is the large tank that holds the fuel right after you pump gas. So essentially, the fuel starts feeding from the tank into the pump, then to the filter. The carburetor takes the fuel and mixes it with air. In many modern vehicles, there is a fuel injector instead of a carburetor.

Those are the fuel parts of a car in a nutshell.

Saving gas

Gas prices have been very high at times in recent years and so many people have become concerned with the price of driving. Here are some tricks to help you use less fuel and also to keep your car's fuel parts healthy and running as they should. First, do not ride the brake when you drive. Excessive braking can account for 30% of your fuel usage. Instead, simply lay off the gas if you are in a safe situation where you just need to slow down a little bit. Secondly, if you need to stop and run an errand, turn off your car. If there is someone in the car waiting, it is tempting to leave the car running if you'll only be gone fifteen minutes or so. Don't do it- turning off the car, even for fifteen minutes, can save fuel.

Finally, make sure your tires are inflated properly. Less than full tires can cause you to use more fuel, thus having to pump gas more often. These little tips can not only help save you money, but can result in less stress on the fuel parts of your car. In addition, you want to make sure that you are getting regular services to check out all of your car's fuel parts, and to make sure that they're running smoothly.

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