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How to Choose Grille Guards for your Grille

Your truck grille is the smile in the front of your truck. However, you never know when something may stop suddenly or you may hit something, which could result in damage to your grille. Do you really want your grille guard looking like it is missing its front teeth? Most likely, you do not.

That is why, when people are looking into the right protection for their grilles, they often choose a grille guard.

A grille guard is a front protector for your truck or car grille. Most grille guards will not only protect your grille, but also the radiator and your passengers which is the most important thing. Grille guards are resistant, durable and can handle all weather and driving conditions. However, when determining which the right grille guard for your grille is, you need to keep the following things in mind:

The Thickness

How thick do you want your grille guard? Are you looking for the maximum protection? If so, then the thicker the better; however, thicker grille guards will also be more expensive and can tend to look a little bulky. The thickness of your choice of grille guard should come down to your lifestyle. Do you use your truck or car for 4WD where you need to chop down bushes with your grille, or are you mostly driving on highways in the city?

The Style

What style of grille guard are you looking for? There are several different custom grille guard styles, in the same way there are various types of grilles. You should try to suit your grille guard to the style of your grille. Winch system style grille guards are quite popular as are the Rancher and the Big Tex Styles. Are you looking for a rough and tough look or something a little less confronting?

The Finish

What finish do you want for your grille guard? In the same way grilles are made out of various materials, so are grille guards. These include chrome, stainless steel, powder coated black and more. You want to choose a finish that complements your grille and your car or truck.

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