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The Installation of Front Jeep Bumpers

It is agreed that having towing capacity on the front and rear sides of your vehicle is a good ploy to tackle the off roads. You will indeed find many ATVs and trucks that have been fitted with winches on either side. Font jeep bumpers are what you need to have installed first before you can think about adding a winch. It is good to know that the installation of front jeep bumpers is nothing too difficult and that the task can easily be accomplished at home without incurring much expense. You only require the manual to see what goes where and then your front jeep bumper will be ready for further use.

What does a common front jeep bumper kit include?

When purchasing a front jeep bumper kit look to see that your package includes two mounting arms, a bumper face, a winch mount, two angle brackets, a hardware kit, and two corner braces.

The front bumper that came with your vehicle can be easily removed. As you remove it remember to free the vacuum canister which is usually on the passenger side. All the bolts and bumper brackets can now be removed.

Getting started with the front jeep bumper installation

For jeeps that come minus tow hooks the first step for front jeep bumper installation is angle bracket installation. Ensure that the holes line up and slot in the bolts though you mustnít tighten them at this juncture.

The next step is to install the two mounting arms. There are two types of bolts that are used here and your manual will indicate which one to use in the rear hole and the side holes.

Your front jeep bumper is taking shape now

The third item to go in is the winch mount. This is a heavy gadget and requires a minimum of two people to install. One holds it up while the other slides in the bolts. The front jeep bumper next needs the bumper face which goes on top of the winch mount. Note that we have not tightened any bolts as yet.

The front jeep bumper installation can now be finished

The final step in installation of front jeep bumpers is leveling it with the vehicle. This can be done with the help of an assistant or floor jack. Tighten all the bolts firmly in place.

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