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Advice for Buying Jeep Parts

Looking to spruce up your Jeep? Perhaps the timing belt is faulty; perhaps the spark plugs are dead; perhaps the axle shaft needs replacing. Whatever the case, before you dish out that credit card and hit the manufacturers, consider the following advice:

Make sure you shop around

Jeep parts, like any vehicle parts, are quite expensive. Dealership manufacturers tend to be the highest price. Sometimes the two best places to buy Jeep parts are online through an auction or online company website or at a second hand mechanic shop. These are used Jeep Parts. Check there before paying an overpriced fortune for Jeep parts. Keep in mind, however, that when buying online, you will need to factor in the cost of shipping and handling as well as the Jeep parts cost. There are Jeep parts-trading websites that specialize in Jeep parts and auction sites can also give you a good, cheap option when it comes to vehicle parts.

Know the Make/Model/Year

Make sure you write down all you need to know about your Jeep. That way, when you are pricing Jeep parts, you know they will actually fit. Certain Jeep parts, for example, a crate engine, will not be under warranty if you quote for the wrong make or model. To avoid a further delay in fixing your Jeep, take the time to write down the requirements properly.

Know the Difference in Parts

Many people will automatically assume that the genuine or OE (original equipment) parts are the only option when it comes to replacement Jeep parts. This is most certainly not the case. There are used parts and reconditioned parts which can offer you the same quality with a cheaper price tag. In fact, most of us cannot tell the difference between a reconditioned part and a genuine part. However, keep in mind that, although reconditioned or second hand parts are great in some instances, Jeep parts that involve safety, such as seat belts, brake components and steering, should be bought new, just in case. To ensure that your reconditioned and second hand parts are worth your while, make sure they come with a warranty.

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