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Jeep Racks – A necessity for the jeep owner

Cargo space is an essential consideration for the jeep owner. Circumstances do arise when the space inside the vehicle may be less than sufficient to contain all that you want to carry for your trip. This slight problem can be handled effectively by fitting a jeep rack. Jeep racks do come in a variety of models and all these can also be improved on by adding fittings like cargo boxes, pylons and brackets. A custom jeep rack can also be made for your vehicle ensuring that aspects like fit, gas mileage, appearance, and rack reliability are factored in properly.

Jeep rack tips and helpful definitions

Stock vehicles are mostly fitted with luggage jeep racks which are fabricated with light loads in mind. Such jeep racks may occasionally come with side railings which add to their strength. Luggage jeep racks are however not advisable for people who intend to carry heavy loads like camping gear. These jeep racks are simply not strong enough to bear the load and your vehicle’s roof will undoubtedly suffer the brunt.

The ideal types of jeep racks to suit the outdoors are either the sport or cargo racks. Such jeep racks are constructed using pylons that can be fitted onto the vehicle’s top in several ways. It is these pylons that provide a firm support for the rack bars which in turn hold the luggage. The beauty about such jeep racks is that they can carry virtually any accessory without impacting on the vehicle’s roof or its paintwork. Cargo and sport jeep racks can also be classified according to the type of load that they can bear. Extremely heavy loads call for ‘lumber jeep racks’ such as which are found on pickup trucks. Loads that are slightly light can be well managed by ‘ladder jeep racks’.

Important things to remember when selecting jeep racks

In fitting a jeep rack you have to bear in mind your topper’s weight rating – you simply cannot exceed it. If it is necessary to do so then you have to think about fabricating an external frame or sub-frame that will relieve your topper of the weight.

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