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So you are Looking for Tires - Why not try Mickey Thompson Tires?

Mickey Thompson tires are some of the best tires in the market. Their pedigree is well established as the brand has been used on race cars for the past three decades. Not only are these tires manufactured with durability and resilience in mind but they are top quality and very pleasing to the eye. Mickey Thompson tires feature tubeless wheels that are absolutely leak free.

Shopping for Mickey Thompson tires is all a matter of size consideration. This is purely because the size ranges are very limited. On offer are three variations i.e. DC-1, Classic Lock, and Classic II. The lifetime warranties offered for Mickey Thompson tires are limited.

The three Mickey Thompson tire ranges offer you…

The DC-1 Mickey Thompson tires are suitable for size 15X8 up to 20X12. The Classic Lock version starts at the same size but goes up to the 20X10. This is also the case for the Classic II variety. With the Classic Lock type there is somewhat more flexibility though in terms of color. Four colors i.e. black, blue, red, and yellow are what you can select from. Mickey Thompson tires are aluminum cast and this goes a long way in ensuring considerable loading rates. Road noise is irritating and the less the rattle the smoother the ride. Mickey Thompson tires have their chrome hub covers secured with o-rings which are certainly equal to the task. Structural defects that may afflict your tire need not get you all panicky because you have a lifetime guarantee to fall back on.

Drivers who’ve used Mickey Thompson tires have offered their insights…

Reviews from many a Mickey Thompson tire user is quite encouraging. These tires have been proven effective on surfaces as diverse as snow, sand, mud, and rocks even after been used for over 50000 miles. One surface on which Mickey Thompson tires seem to be failing is clay. They are however said to be very effective on conventional and off roads. The rattle-free drive that has been mentioned above is a real favorite with drivers who have enjoyed the quiet ride.

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