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Three Factors to Consider when Buying Off Road Truck Tires

When looking into off road truck tires, you need to think about your driving conditions. Do you do a lot of highway driving or is your truck reserved for trail blazing on the weekend? Do you need a large off road truck tire or will something smaller (and cheaper do)? To find out, read on:

Bias Ply vs. Radial Ply

First of all, check the Ply of your off road truck needs. Radial Ply are made with polyester and are best for highway use. They are stable, smooth and durable. Furthermore, they last a lot longer in regards to miles and are also great for all weather conditions including snow, rain and ice.

Bias Ply is usually made of nylon and also quite strong but they are best for trail use rather than highway use. If you want off road truck tires that will last in all terrain conditions including the bush, then bias ply is the better choice. Bias ply are not so great on the highway and tend to wear faster and use a lot of fuel.

The Importance of Size

The size of your off road truck tires comes down to your vehicle weight and maintaining the correct contact pressure. To do this, you need to determine your tread void ratio that works best for your situation. A higher tread void ratio means that more contact pressure.

A way to test your contact pressure is to try going up a hill of packed dirt. If the tires spin out but do not dig down, then there is not enough contact pressure. Finding the right tread void ratio can be a little tricky which is why itís a good idea to ask a salesman at the tire shop for assistance.

Price and Looks

Price and looks are the two most common people will purchase a tire. Of course, they are important, but itís just as important to consider tread, ply and size when you buy off road truck tires. There is no point of dishing out a small fortune on a tire that is not suited for your truck. Furthermore, you do not want to purchase a highway tire if you are planning on going off-road for the next few months, just because itís cheaper.

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