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How To Choose Off Road Wheels, All Terrain Tires or All Season Truck Tires

First things first- before you buys tires for the upcoming year, you need to know what the best tires are for your conditions.

The Difference in Truck Tires

All seasons truck tires- these are traditional truck tires that are best for on road driving including highway driving.

All terrain tires (off road wheels)- off road wheels are suited for off road use. All terrain tires come in different styles and sizes. For those who plan on using their truck for both on and off road conditions, all terrain tires are probably the best. They provide excellent traction in all weather conditions.

Winter Tires- if you live in a cold climate where snow and ice are common during the winter months, then you might want to consider changing to winter tires during the cold icy season. Winter tires have treads with more edge and a better grip especially built for winter weather. However, keep in mind, that winter tires are not the best for normal driving weather conditions and will wear a lot quicker if you use winter tires all year long. Another option when it comes to protecting your truck during the snowy season is to put chains on your all terrain or all season tires, especially if you are planning on plowing through piles of snow.

Making the Right Choice

The most important thing when it comes to buying tires, whether off road wheels or not, is safety. Compare tires based on the tests for braking, handling and resistance to hydroplaning.

You should also check the warranty- some warranties will not cover damages caused by pot holes and other road hazards, which are usually when the problems come in anyway.

To better prepare yourself for buying tires, check the tire size which should be located in your owner’s manual. A tire size will be a long list of numbers and letters; make sure you write down the entire number to get the accurate information.

Make sure you shop around for tires and aks what is included in the price (mounting, balancing, etc). Check online, local tire shops, dealerships, department stores and warehouse clubs.

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