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The Purpose of your Automobileís Rear Bumper

At a first glance, you may think that your rear bumper is just used to complete the physical design and appearance of your automobile and to fill up the empty space. However, there is much more to your rear bumper than just that. Your rear bumper serves numerous different purposes to you and your automobile. The purpose of a rear bumper is much more than just finishing off the appearance of the automobile.

What purpose does the Rear Bumper serve for the Automobile?

There are numerous different reasons for a rear bumper on your automobile. As far as what purpose the rear bumper serves for your automobile, here are just a few of the numerous things that your rear bumper does for your automobile:

  • Your rear bumper on your automobile is used to decrease the damage of a rear end accident. Without a rear bumper, passengers in the back seat could suffer injuries of intense severity. The rear bumper helps reduce the severity of the accident and the severity of injuries to the automobiles occupants.
  • A rear bumper also serves as a display mechanism for your license plate.
  • The rear bumper of your automobile also serves as a closing device for your trunk. The trunk would still close without a rear bumper, but the rear bumper seals off the trunk.
  • Some vehicles have a sensor in their rear bumper which sets off air bags in the event of a rear end accident.
  • Rear bumpers on larger vehicles such as trucks or SUVs can be used as a hauling device by using a hitch device. This can be used to haul boats, pull behind campers, open trailers, and box trailers.

What purpose does the Rear Bumper serve for the occupants of the automobile?

  • The rear bumper is designed to decrease the severity of injuries in the event of a rear end automobile collision.
  • Rear bumpers in numerous different vehicles are equipped with air bag sensors which are set off if the automobile is rear ended by a certain amount of force.
  • The rear bumper of an automobile is designed to decrease the impact of a rear end collision.
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