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Super Winch for all Occasions- Super Winch Tips and Tools of the Trade

Looking for some basic tips when it comes to your super winch? Look no further than below. We have the tips you need for your next ATV adventure and 4x4 excursions.

Tips to Getting out of Sticky Super Winch Situations

  • First of all, make sure your winch has the capacity of at least 1.15 of your vehicle’s gross weight. For example, a Toyota Tundra’s gross weight is 7,000 and thus the winch capacity should be 10,500. A Chevy Tahoe gross weight is 7,200 and thus the winch capacity should be 10,800. In regards to ATV’s, an ATV with 500cc or higher will need an ATV 3000 super winch while an ATV 350cc to 500cc will need the 2500 ATV winch.
  • Next, the layers on your drum will all have a different towing capacity. In essence, the towing capacity on the winch is that on the first layer of the drum (the bottom layer). Each layer above that will have a lower pulling capacity so you will either need to pull the rope out to the bottom drum or double up.

Additional Super Winch Tools

When heading out on an ATV or 4x4 adventures you should also bring the following winch devices:

  • Winch rope- the two most basic winch rope include the synthetic (more expensive but lightweight rope) and wire rope (cheaper but less safe and much heavier).
  • A remote winch control- the wireless remote control winch allows you to operate your winch from afar so you can monitor the operation without getting in the line of fire.
  • A tree strap- a tree strap is a more practical, more environmentally friendly winches option that does not harm the trees that you are using to winch out of the mud.

Water and supplies- finally, make sure you always carry water, food and additional safety supplies with you including a first aid kit. Sure, a winch can get your ATV or 4wheel back on the road, but it would do you any good if you break a bone or injure your head. Be prepared and pack the tools to fix both your ATV and your body

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