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Installing Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits are fantastic for your vehicle, but there are some things to take into consideration in your effort to get better ground clearance in your vehicle. You have to think about everything from the physics of your vehicle’s suspension all the way to the different types of suspension lift kits that will work with your vehicle’s overall physics.

The physics of your vehicle’s suspension

You do know that when you install a suspension lift kit, the height of your vehicle is going to increase significantly. You’re provided with better ground clearance when traveling on rough terrain. This is great so that you don’t scrape bottom and risk puncturing oil pans and damaging other parts of your vehicle.

But you do need to take into consideration that suspension lift kits change the vehicle’s center of gravity. This can result in problems when making sharp turns. The vehicle could possible turn over, especially at higher speeds. This simply means that you have to be cautious when you are riding in a vehicle that sits higher off of the ground.

Your driving perspective also changes because you are higher off of the ground. This means that the tiny little obstacles on the ground that you can see in a car may not be visible when sitting up high.

Further modifications?

When installing suspension lift kits, depending on how high you make your vehicle, you may need to make other modifications to your vehicle. For instance, your steering geometry may be off a little, so you may need to fix that issue. The gear ratio may also need to be fixed, as well as larger tires placed upon the vehicle to accommodate the lift.

When you buy the right suspension lift kits, you will get great results. You just need to make sure that your suspension kit is durable so that it will be able to handle the rough terrain that you want to take it on. You shouldn’t have to refrain from having a good time because you don’t know if your suspension lift kit can cut it. You should be able to do what you want. Just be careful.

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