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The Three Benefits to Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits lift up your truck or car to new heights. Whether your truck seems a little overloaded and down, or you simply want to makeover your machine, a suspension lift kit can do the trick. Suspension lift kits come with all the basics you need to get the job done. Some of the most common lift kits companies include Trailmaster, Rancho, Black Diamond, SuperLife and Truxxx.


Most suspension lift kits come with all you need to DIY. This includes lift blocks, extended shocks, control arms, trailing arms and custom four link systems. A word of advice- keep in mind that suspension lifts can also affect your drive shaft, steering and brake lines so make sure you test before you go.


First of all, suspension lift kits can offer your truck a more stylish look. Your truck can look brand new as it drives high and mighty. You can add years to your truck as well as hundreds to the price tag if you ever want to sell. With a suspension lift kit, you will also be able to buy larger truck tires which means even more ground clearance and an even sleeker ride.


Another reason why a suspension lift kit is a great purchase is because they allow a steeper ascent, descent and breakover angles. Essentially, what this equates to is a better control of your car, especially when you are in a four wheel drive environment. You will feel more comfortable in those all terrain roads. Furthermore, if you are ever in an accident, the higher you are up, the safer you will be (in most instances).

The Leveling Kit Option

Have you noticed lately that your truck’s front is sagging a little bit? Perhaps it needs to hit the gym or bulk up with weights. This is a common problem with trucks that have simply done the mileage and are a little tired. A leveling kit can help to level out your old girl and give it the chest lift it needs. And your truck doesn’t have to go under the knife to get a higher, bouncier front!

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