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Caring for your Tires- Off Road and On Road

Whether you have off road tires, all weather tires or traditional tires, itís important that you take good care of them to prevent pops, irregular treads and daily wear and tear that could result in an accident. Tires are the feet of your car and without the proper traction and control, your tires could easily get swept up on the road and slid out from under you.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is when a mechanic rotates your tires and should be done on a regular basis. The purpose of tire rotation is to achieve a more uniform wear on the tread of the tires. This will keep the tires in control on the roads. It is recommended to have your tires rotated every 5,000 miles or according to your ownerís manual. If you feel any sort of imbalance when driving, it may be due to your uneven tire wear; however, it could also be a misalignment or other mechanical problem which should be looked into by a certified mechanic. Used tires must be watched closely.

Tire Filling

Another easy way to manage your tires is to visit your local petrol station every once and a while and put air in your tires. This will stop them from becoming underinflated and popping easily. Filling your tire with air, or just checking the pressure, is as simple as going to your local gas station. Next time you head into town for a chocolate bar, check your pressure on your way out. Itís simple, fast and free.

Tire Balancing

Finally, make sure you balance your tires, which allows the tires and wheels to spin without any vibrations. If your tires are not balanced, then you are risking an unsafe ride. Some of the symptoms of unbalanced tires is a vibration on the seat or floorboard when going over 50 mph and a cupped wear pattern on the tires. Tire balancing will take place at a local mechanic shop where a mechanic will place a heavy weight to balance out the weight on the truck. When all four tires are balanced to perfection, your ride will be much smoother and much safer.

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