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Three Smart Tips to Drivetrain Transmission Maintenance

You may or may not have heard of the term ‘drivetrain’ before. Essentially, drivetrain is the parts of your car that make it go. Your engine, differentials, driveshaft and transmission are all part of the drivetrain system. Many people will also refer to the drivetrain as the powertrain or the powershaft of the car- after all, this is where the power comes from.

Keeping your drivetrain picture perfect is one of the best ways to keep your car running smoothly. However, this still means your car needs to undergo regular services and checkups from a registered mechanic. In between these services, you can maintain your transmission drivetrain by following the tips as listed below:

Transmission Drivetrain and Heat

First of all, understand the impact of heat. In a sense, heat is the enemy to your drivetrain transmission. When excessive heat builds up, it can overheat the car and cause serious problems. Take special precaution and use transmission cooler, especially if you are towing a heavy load, driving in hot weather, driving extremely fast or repeatedly putting the car in drive and then reverse (if you are stuck).

Take Care of the Fluid

Your transmission drivetrain fluid is essential for a healthy car. You do not need to wait for a mechanic to check your transmission fluid. You can do it yourself. The transmission fluid should be reddish and if you can detect a brownish tint or smell burning, then you will need to change the transmission fluid. Transmission fluid should be changes at least every two years and always use the brand recommended by the manufacturer for best results.

Drive Smart

Finally, make sure you go easy on the gears when it comes to your drivetrain transmission. Things that can harm your transmission include shifting from reverse to drive while the vehicle is still rolling. Furthermore, make sure you use the emergency brake correctly by always applying the e-break before your put the car into park. These small changes can help maintain your drivetrain transmission for a smoother, longer drive.

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