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Three Ways to Keep your Truck Grille Looking Great

Your truck grille is located at the front of your truck and is, in essence, the mouth of your truck. You want to make sure it looks great at all times. After all, a nice looking, shiny grille can add value to your vehicle and add pride to your ego. Although most of us think that washing your truck, grille and all, is enough to keep it looking new all year round but this is not the case.

Below we have listed three tips to making your grille look like new again without having to replace it year after year.


The next time you are cleaning your truck, pull out some degreaser for your grill. After you have used hot soapy water to clean the grille, and dried it, put some degreaser on it. Degreaser will help eliminate that surface dust and debris that comes with driving your truck to and from work and on weekend adventures.

After you have sprayed the degreaser, take a rag and dry it off again. Donít be surprised if there is a lot of dirt buildup on the rag. This may take a few degreaser applications, especially if you have neglected your grille for a while.

Sand for Shine

If you want an extra shiny truck grille, then you will need to pull out the sandpaper. Use 320 grit wet sandpaper and scruff the grille clean. Make sure you keep the grille and the paper wet throughout the process and do not apply too much pressure. Your sanding efforts should leave noticeable scratches but this will be reduced. After using the 320 grit, pull out the big guns- the 400 grit and the 600 grit paper and repeat the process. With each sandpaper smudge the scratches should become less noticeable. Finish off with another hot, soapy wash to your truck grille.


Polish your truck grille until the aluminum turns black and wipe it down with a rag to remove the excess polish. Polishing your truck grille with aluminum polish is another way to keep the grille shining, sparkling and the talk of the town.

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