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Basic Truck Winches Tools for any 4 Wheel Adventure

It happens; you may be outside exploring in your truck, kids in tow, looking for that perfect bush camping spot and wham, you get stuck in the mud. As your wife complains, your kids scream and you try to push your way out of this mess, you are most likely thinking “now what?” Well, if you have a truck winch and these three basic winching tools for all stuck situations, you would easily be out of the mud and on your way to a great weekend away. Make sure your next off roading adventure doesn’t get stuck in the mud with a truck winch and the following tools:

The Truck Winch

A truck winch is a mechanical device used to pull you out of tough situations. Winching is the practice used by tow trucks to get cars and trucks out of the ditch and back on their tires. Truck winches have the same theory. You can use your winch to push your truck out of any problem situation without having to call a tow truck to do your dirty work. With a truck winch handy, you can explore the great outdoors without worrying about getting stuck.

The Snatch Block

A snatch block is used to straighten out the cable and adds extra ‘oomph’ to your job at hand. When buying a snatch block, you should try to double the capacity of your winch.

The Tree Strap

Most of the time, when you are stuck in the mud, you will need to use a tree or a large rock to pull you out. This is where the tree strap comes in. Tree straps are safer to use and also are a lot softer on the tree. Tree straps will not damage the bark or kill the tree.

The D Shackle

Finally, a D shackle is the missing link between your tree strap and your cable hook. With a D shackle (named for the D shape it makes), you will be able to hook up your tree strap, your snatch block, your winch and get the heck out of your sticky situation.

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