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A Close Look at the WARN Winch 8000

Finding a suitable winch that can be able to pull an 8000 lbs truck can be quite a fuss. This need not be the case thanks to the winch rating formula that simply sees you multiply your vehicle’s gross weight by a factor of 1.5. The figure that you get represents the minimum size of which that you can purchase for your fully loaded vehicle’s sake. The WARN winch 8000 is a really good choice of winch at that power rating. It stands out from the rest thanks to its added features that make it a fine travelling companion on the off roads.

Grasping the WARN winch’s 8000 fundamental numbers

The WARN winch 8000 is fitted with 5/16" wire rope which is certainly strong enough even for that most tricky of positions. The other nice thing about this rope is that it’s really long. You can either purchase a WARN winch 8000 that has 80ft of wire or a much longer option at 100ft. The 80ft wire rope option is found on winches fitted with hawse fairleads while the 100ft type has roller fairleads.

The motor that powers the WARN winch 8000 is a Series Wound 4.8HP mechanism. It is connected to gear train that utilizes three-stage planetary motion. The gear system has a working ratio of 216:1. When the vehicle is at fully loaded capacity the WARN winch 8000 will be able to pull your vehicle at a rate of 8ft every minute.

The WARN winch 8000 has a drum diameter of 2.5” which is approximately six and a half centimeters. Its length on your vehicle’s front is nine inches. For weight, the WARN winch 8000 is quite formidable at 74lbs. Such a mechanism certainly requires substantial power sources. It is recommended that you use a 650 CCA battery when the winching is on. The WARN winch 8000 clutching system enables freespooling ad this is courtesy of the sliding gear ring design. The braking is equally competent thanks to the Automatic Direct Drive Cone system. All these capacities make for a brilliant winch that is suitable for many types of SUVs and trucks.

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