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Exploring the WARN Winch 8274

The WARN winch 8274 is a winch that is made to impress and deliver at the same time. This winch boasts the WARN array’s longest rope at 150ft and very strong at 5/16" diameter. With the WARN winch 8274 you are more than ready for your off road trip. The reliability of the WARN winch 8274 is bolstered by the fact that it is upright in design which complements its power output and efficiency for a vehicle that is trapped in diversely hazardous situations. Extra reliability is also proffered by the spur gear design of its geartrain. Heat is a major consideration factor when choosing winches and the WARN winch 8274 has factored in this issue in its braking system. It is designed in such a way that superior heat dissipation will be achieved while simultaneously enjoying smooth operation.

The WARN winch 8274 is technologically abreast

Using the WARN winch 8274 is a pleasure to any distressed driver and the remote control function has certainly landed many plaudits. With remote control you can coordinate the entire rescue operation from a safe distance. This is welcome news for drivers who have unfortunately experienced terrain like steep ravines and marshy ground. The remote control facility is good for a 3.7m lead.

Other key considerations that make the WARN winch 8274 a superior choice

There are more numbers to grapple with but it’s all good since we are talking about choosing a winch that can tow you home. The WARN winch 8274 boasts a 12V Series Wound motor which is very good power. It enables the WARN winch 8274 achieve an 8000 lbs rated line pull on single-line basis. The gear ratio is 134:1. The WARN winch 8274 wire rope is borne on a drum whose length is 8.5” on your vehicle’s front. The winch used a roller fairlead. It is best used with a 650 CCA battery.

Braking and clutching systems in the WARN winch 8274 have been designed to ensure there is maximum efficiency. In terms of braking, drivers will appreciate the automatic disc gadget while the free-spool clutch will provide lots of user convenience.

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