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An Investigation of the WARN Winch Parts that make a Difference Off Road

In the electric winch there are a number of components which really have a bearing on the performance of the winch in a real-time scenario. The WARN winch parts that you have to study carefully before making a purchase include the motor, the solenoid, the gear train, and the spool diameter. For WARN winch parts and indeed parts from any other reputable manufacturer the specifications provided for each variation have implications mostly on the power of the winch and therefore its ability to pull you out from a sticky situation.

The motor is a WARN winch part that required first consideration

WARN winch parts in the motor classification take the form of either a Series Wound style or a Permanent Magnet motor. Permanent magnet motors are constructed without field coils. The stator uses permanent magnets instead. The permanent magnet motor is a WARN winch part that you will need to replace often if you are intent on visiting extra tough terrain regularly. This type of winch is suited for medium and light duty since it generates a high amount of heat leading to overheating problems.

The Series Wound motor is a more expensive WARN winch part when compared to its alternative. The cost is however recouped in the excellent service that the heavy duty motor offers. Series Wound motors are more advantageous since they donít lose amperage draw. The permanent magnet variety loses power as the magnets heat.

The gear train is the next WARN winch part that you need to carefully consider

The gearing systems on a WARN winch are of three types; the planetary, the spur, and the worm gears. As far as WARN winch parts are concerned planetary gear systems are the most common. They are built to offer 65% efficiency and can freespool. Their operation is smooth and strong. Spur gears are a viable alternative. They have 75% efficiency. This WARN winch part is only available for the WARN M8274.

Solenoids are also vital WARN winch parts

WARN winch parts include two types of solenoids i.e. remote or integrated. Integrated solenoids are mounted as compact packages while the remote version is mounted away from the winch.

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