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Taking a Look at the WARN Winch XD9000I

Getting stuck on the off road trail is not anything new – just ask some outdoor drivers and they’ll tell you many a harrowing tale. What they won’t fail to mention is the importance of the winch you have on board. Obstacles do get in the way and have to be surmounted regardless of whether the rest of the journey will be pursued or it will be a turn for home. The WARN winch XD9000I is one of those that won’t disappoint you when you grind to a halt in the middle of nowhere. WARN winch XD9000I models are fitted with a winch system known as the WARN multi mount. With this system the hitch receiver on your vehicle can be used as the anchor point. Some drivers have the tendency to fit such winches for rear recovery while having more powerful systems at the front.

There is plenty of pull versatility with the WARN winch XD9000I

There are circumstances when the direction of the pull is critical to making the situation potentially worse or easily convenient. An increasing number of SUV and pickup owners are finding it necessary to have front and rear winch systems. With the WARN winch XD9000I this becomes much easier with the installation of Quick-Disconnect front power plugs and quick-disconnect rear power plugs. With these installations in place your recovery task will certainly be made easier with regard to pull direction – you can tow any way.

It is not that difficult to install the WARN winch XD9000I…

Installation of the WARN winch XD9000I can take just a few hours and with the right concentration you will soon be ready for the outdoors. The first thing is to have your vehicle fitted with a hitch receiver. The WARN winch XD9000I solenoid is then to be mounted under the vehicle’s hood – a place that is secure, we don’t want to get it all wet. The power cables are run from the vehicle’s rear and then connected to the battery. Remember that a heavy duty battery is most suitable for off road winching.

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