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Handy Tidbits to use when Installing Winch Bumpers

For those off road enthusiasts at heart the issue of installing winch bumpers is a necessity rather than a luxury. The conventional bumpers that come with new vehicles are hardly at home on the off road. Try driving through rough terrain with that gleaming bumper and chances are that you will leave it behind. Winch bumpers are available either for the rear or for the front. They are solid structures that have enough resilience needed for you to affix a strong winch onto them. In the bush it is good to be prepared for anything. The seasoned off roader will tell you that a winch on either end of your vehicle is more than average assurance that you’ll be driving home safely.

While installing front winch bumpers look out for…

Most seasoned drivers installing front winch bumpers will look for a tapered bumper design. The advantage of having a tapered front winch bumper is that your vehicle will have a few more inches of clearance. Alongside the tapered front winch bumper some of the other accessories that are advisable to invest in are grill guards and brush guards. A combination of the two is also possible. D-Ring shackle mounts are also very handy especially for those who intend to go into really rough terrain.

Look around for a front winch bumper that will provide installation ease. Issues of mounting holes failing to line up are quite common though well-engineered front winch bumpers are very available. In terms of durability it is advisable to go for fittings that have been coated in powdercoat. This covering is very resistant to scrapes common on the off roads.

What about the rear winch bumper?

For rear winch bumpers consider the type of side caps that are offered with the fitting. Choose the heavy duty type since there is really much impact at the rear. Rocker guards are another important fitting as they secure your rocker plates from the impact. You will notice that both the front and rear winch bumper components are quite weighty. It should be so bearing in mind the tough terrain of the off roads.

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