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Which is the Best Winch Remote or Control for You?

Winch remote controls can make it even easier to pull yourself out of a touch situation when ATVing or off roading. In most instances, a winch remote can help you out of the mud with a lot less stress and strain to both the winch and your ATV.

But which is the best winch remote system for your off roading needs? Read on to find out:

When ATVing Alone….

If you plan on doing a lot of off roading by yourself (or with small children who cannot help), then, first off, make sure you advise someone of your whereabouts at all time. With that being said, the interior winch rocker switch can help you control the winch and your ATV or truck at the same time. The rocker switch can be operating from inside the cab so you can keep your foot on the pedal (and out of the rain) while you push yourself out of the mud.

It’s important to always keep your eye on the cable when using a rocker switch. This is because, when you are inside your cab, you are also in the direct line of fire if something snaps. The cable may come back and smash your windshield which, in turn, could get you as well.

If Out in the Bush…

A great option if you are really stuck is the corded winch remote control which operates from a fairly far distance. They are 12 feet in length so you can be well away from the winch but still keep an eye on everything. Furthermore, if something does go wrong or snap, you are well enough away to stay out of the line of fire. If you need to use more than 12 feet of cord, then try the below winch remote option.

A Wireless Option…

For those who really need their distance, try the wireless winch remote control. This is most certainly the best all around option as you can stand far away for safety purposes but you can still watch out for what’s going on with the winch and the cable. You also do not have to worry about a cord getting bundled up. However, make sure you always pack extra batteries as wireless winch remotes depend on battery power.

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