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Capacity, Line and Rope- Three Considerations when Looking for a Winch Sale

A winch is a must-have for anyone who likes to go off-roading on the weekends. A winch is a mechanical device that tow trucks use to pull cars out of ditches and other touch situations. If you are planning on doing some 4 wheel driving this summer, a good purchase is a 4x4 winch system which can help you out of the mud and other rough terrain without calling in that expensive tow truck. There are various different winch systems and winch accessories on the market that work with trucks, ATVís and various other machines. When heading to your nearest supply store for a winch sale, consider the following three things:

The Winch Capacity

The wine capacity is also called the rated line pull and is the mechanical capacity of the winch as well as the strength of the line of the drum. You need to choose a winch capacity that is strong enough to handle your truckís weight multiplied by at least 1.5. Also, keep in mind that the line pull advertised applies to the first layer of the winch drum (the end line). The other three or four layers have a higher gear ratio and thus less pull.

The Length of the Winch Line

Another thing to consider at a winch sale is the line length, or the amount of line from the line. In most instances, the more line, the better. However, as mentioned above, with each line on the drum, the pull is lowered. So, you will need to pull out a lot of line to get the maximum capacity. Furthermore, longer line length also means a more likely chance of getting jammed or kinked. Most people will choose a line length of between 100-50 feet for winch.

The Winch Rope

Finally, when it comes to your winch rope, you have two choices- wire rope or synthetic winch rope. Wire rope is the more conventional choice and is made up of carbon steel. It is heat resistant and cheaper. Synthetic rope tends to be stronger and also lighter but also more expensive that winch wire rope.

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