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Air Chair Hammock or Chair in the Air Double Point Hanging Loungers

There’s no doubt that hammocks are wonderful, but they do need a lot of space. What if you want that relaxing, gently swaying feeling but you don’t have room? That’s when the air chair hammock comes to the rescue. Air chairs are simply hammocks that you sit in, and since you’re not lying down you don’t need 11 to 15 feet for a stand. Styles range from pretty basic to deluxe so there’s probably one that fits your wish list.
Ultimate Hanging Air Chair
            At first glance this air chair hammock looks like a confusing mess of fabric, ropes, and wooden bars, but it all untangles to be a really comfortable spot. The fabric is durable nylon that’s double-stitched for dependability and it’s available in red, green, or natural. Varnished hardwood spreader bars support the fabric—including the foot rest—and give it shape, and the chair also comes with a heavy-duty eye-bolt for hanging. This chair works well when hung from a tree branch, porch post or beam, or an air chair stand.
Outback Lounger Hanging Chair
            Despite its name the Outback Lounger comes from a company based in San Diego. This air chair hammock is a bit more structured than most, but that doesn’t affect its comfort in any way. The basket-weave polyester fabric is waterproof, UV treated, and filled with poly fiber for a cushiony feel; it comes in green, navy blue, burgundy, and sand. The armrests and spreader bars of varnished Indonesian hardwood make handy hangers for the footrest and drink holder while supporting up to 350 pounds. The Outback Lounger is available in both single and double versions.
Chair in the Air Double Point Hanging Chair
            This air chair hammock comes close to a real cross between a chair and a hammock. Its unstructured style requires two points about seven feet apart for hanging but then you can just sit back and relax. The body of the chair is netting for cool air flow with a strap to support your feet. All components are marine grade for durability, as well as recyclable whenever possible.
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