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Brazilian Hammocks 100% Cotton with No Spreader Bars

What Makes The Brazilian Cotton Hammock So Comfy?
The Brazilian hammock is a popular and very comfortable style of hammock, descended from the hammocks made centuries ago in the area that is now northeast Brazil. It is easily identified by its tightly woven 100-percent cotton fabric, usually brightly colored and sometimes fringed, and its lack of spreader bars. Sleepers lie diagonally across the hammock to spread out the fabric which in turn offers full and very comfortable support. It is best suited for use in cooler, drier climates because the tight weave prevents the level of ventilation needed in humid tropical regions.

Bliss Hammocks Brazilian Hammock in a Bag
For a convenient portable resting place try the Brazilian Hammock in a Bag from Bliss Hammocks. This hammock’s cotton/polyester bed measures approximately 6.5 feet long by 3.5 feet wide and comes in four colors: seabreeze (blue), guacamole (green), pumpkin pie (orange), and toasted almond (tan). The hammock’s total length is just over nine feet and its quarter-inch thick, steel-reinforced rope loops will hold up to 220 pounds. The set also includes eye screws and hooks plus a drawstring bag. Bliss Hammocks also carries a stand for this hammock line.

Byer of Maine Brazilian Hammocks
Byer of Maine makes several Brazilian hammocks in single, double, and family sizes. All are 100-percent cotton, handcrafted in Brazil with Brazilian-grown cotton. Except for the Naturalesa style, these hammocks come in vibrant stripes and plaids; the four Barbados hammocks come with matching striped cotton drawstring bags. If you’re in search of calming solitude look for a single size, but if you like the whole gang in the hammock with you, check out the family-size versions. All hanging hardware is separate.

Jobek Brazilian Hammocks
Jobek has long been a respected supplier of hammocks from Brazil. Its popular styles include the Rumba, for one person, and the Lambada, which comfortably holds two. Both of these hammocks are 100-percent brightly colored cotton, the hallmark of a Brazilian hammock. They are each about 11.5 feet in total length, and the Lambada includes hanging hardware. The hanging loops are metal-free to prevent rust stains on the ropes.

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