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Camping Hiking Supplies - Hiking Apparel and Outfitters

Hiking Supplies, Footwear, Daypacks and Essential Survival Items

When a day hike is part of a camping trip you’ll already have a lot of the essential hiking supplies with you. Things like sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and flashlights should be part of your usual camping gear. The extra items you’ll need to pack in your camping hiking supplies include footgear, a daypack, and an assortment of small lightweight items that can make the difference between a fun experience and disaster. Here we give you a quick rundown on the gear you need for a successful day hike.

Hiking Footwear
Hiking footgear doesn’t have to mean heavy, specialized boots. It all depends on the kind of hiking you’re doing. If you’re taking the kids on a hike along a well-maintained nature trail, regular walking shoes will do. However, trail shoes or lightweight hiking boots will improve your stability on gravel or anything rugged. Equally important are the right socks. Look for light to midweight hiking socks that include wool or synthetic wicking fibers to draw moisture away from your skin. Avoid all-cotton socks that absorb perspiration, become damp, and cause blisters.

Hiking Daypacks
Adding a good-quality daypack to your camping hiking supplies makes complete sense because poor quality here, as with your boots, will lead to misery. Make sure your pack fits you comfortably and will hold all your supplies. Some built-in support will keep some of the weight off your shoulders, while a waist strap keeps the pack from bouncing as you walk. Look for sturdy zippers and fabrics; many hikers also like packs with several pockets for organization.

The Ten Essential Hiking Supplies
Back in the 1930s, a group of Seattle mountaineers compiled a list of ten essential camping hiking supplies. Over the years, the list has been updated with modern systems to improve safety. So when you go hiking be sure you have a way to navigate; sun protection for skin, lips, and eyes; an insulating jacket; an illumination system with backup power; a first-aid kit; materials for starting a fire; a repair kit and tools; nutrition (at least one extra day); a means of hydration; and emergency shelter such as a tarp or reflective blanket.

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