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Coleman 3 Room Dome Tent Reviews

The Coleman 3 Room Tents Sleep 8 - the Whole Family!

Coleman’s camping gear is legendary. If there’s a product that can be made for the camping market, Coleman makes it. This includes an extensive line of tents of all shapes, sizes and uses. Among those are two 3 room dome tents, perfect for families or groups such as scout troops. We’ve outlined the features of these two tents here, pointing out the similarities and highlighting the differences between them.

Similarities Between These Coleman 3 Room 8 Person Tents
Among the features shared by these tents are those shared by all Coleman tents, including the WeatherTec system (see more about this in our “Coleman Camping Tents” article) and set-up instructions that are sewn into the carry bag. But these Coleman three room dome tents also share an L-shaped design featuring one main room and two smaller areas set off with removable hanging dividers for a total capacity of eight (8). The two doors meet at the outside corner of the main room, giving this space the feeling of a screened porch when both doors are open.

13x13 3-Room Dome Tent
This is the smaller of the Coleman family dome tents, but it’s still nice and airy. Just open the dual inverted-T-style doors and the two 38x21-inch windows for plenty of ventilation. This blue and grey tent measures 13 square feet of floor space and is six feet high at the center. Shock-corded fiberglass poles make it easy to set up and take down while providing strength and flexibility in a strong wind.

14x14 3-Room Dome Tent
While it is a little bit bigger, this is not simply a larger version of the Coleman 3 room tent. It also includes several features not found in the 13x13 tent, such as hinged doors and a heavy-duty welcome mat. Inside there’s storage available in the gear loft and two storage pockets, and additional ventilation comes from the handy Cool-Air Port mini-window. You can also reach gear stashed outside the tent through the Cool-Air Port, such as cold drinks from your cooler. Finally a skylight gives you additional light during the day and a view of the stars at night.

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