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Coleman Camping Tents with WeatherTec

Which is Right For You the Coleman Dome or Cabin Tent?

Coleman has been in business for more than 100 years, and during that time it has made a lot of tents. Today Coleman camping tents come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, adding up to dozens of different options in the mid-range price category. Best known for family-oriented camping gear Coleman’s lines of dome and cabin tents are extensive. There are basic tents that sleep four and three-room tents designed to sleep ten, and everything in between. Plus, all Coleman dome and cabin tents come with the rain-resistant WeatherTec system.

Coleman WeatherTec System - Stay Dry!
Nothing ruins a family camping trip faster than soggy sleeping bags, so Coleman has worked hard to keep rain out of its tents. That’s why it guarantees the WeatherTec system found on all Coleman camping tents (except backpacking tents). The WeatherTec system includes a polyethylene, waterproof tub floor; weather-resistant polyurethane-coated fabric for the tent sides, rainfly and zipper guards; inverted or taped seams so the needle holes are on the inside or covered; and anti-wicking thread, webbing and zippers treated to repel water.

Coleman Dome Tents - Easy Setup!
Dome tents are the most popular style of tent and you’ll find a wide variety of them in the Coleman camping tents collection. These tents feature easy setup; just slip the poles through the sleeves or clips and the tent practically stands up on its own. For added security you can fasten the tent down with stakes and guy wires. This is a good idea in windy weather or you may see your tent tumbling down the campground road! Many campers find that dome tents leak less in rainy weather because there are no flat spots for water to collect.

Spacious Coleman Cabin Tents with Near Vertical Walls
If you like a more spacious room you may prefer a cabin tent. Here the near-vertical walls free up more floor space for uses other than sleeping. Cabin tents are the best choice for long-term camping due to their sturdier construction. The WeatherMaster is the most popular cabin tent in the list of Coleman camping tents; its different versions sleep from four to 10 people and some have screened-in sitting areas.

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