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Coleman Dome Tents Quick Setup

Dome Camping Tents Offer Easy Setup and Are Moderately Priced

Dome tents are the most popular on the market today and deservedly so. These freestanding tents are a breeze to set up—no stakes—and provide good protection from wind and rain. Coleman dome tents come in several sizes and shapes while staying in the moderate price bracket. Here we’ve highlighted just three of the many styles available. All of these tents come with the WeatherTec protection system, Variflo ventilation and a Cool-Air port, as well as a rainfly. You’ll also find a sewn-in gear pocket and a port for electrical access.

Sundome Tents
The Sundome line is the most basic of the Coleman dome camping tents. This tent comes in five sizes from the 5x7-foot two-person model to the 12x10-foot version that sleeps six. All sizes feature one room with a door and window, except the largest which has two rooms and two doors on opposite sides of the tent. These are great tents for novice campers as they’re quick and easy to set up with two fiberglass shock-corded poles that cross at the top of the dome. Add the rainfly and you’re all set.

Evanston Tent Series
This line includes tents that sleep four, six or eight people in one room. All feature a front canopy with wings that’s integrated into the rainfly and creates a nice shady area in front of your door. The two smaller tents have zipper doorways while the Evanston 8 and the Elite Evanston 8 both feature hinged doors. The Elite model, top among Coleman dome tents, also includes self-rolling windows and a 15-watt fluorescent-spiral remote-control ceiling light, powered by eight D-cell batteries.

Montana Tent Line
With a rectangular footprint, the Montana tents are considered modified domes but set up is still easy thanks to color-coded poles and sleeves. The three tents in this series sleep four, six or eight in one room, and all feature reverse angle windows so you’ll see more than the sky. The extended fly and wings protect the doorway area from rain or hot sun. The Montana 8 also features a hinged door, one of several innovations in Coleman dome tents.

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