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Hunting Camps - Bear and Deer Hunting Guided Tours

What is a Hunting Camp and What Can I do There?

            For some outdoors lovers the combination of a camping trip and a hunting expedition is the best of all worlds. Throw in someone to do the cooking and it’s an unbeatable way to spend a few days. While a lot of hunting camps are really just a couple of trailers on somebody’s ranch, at Mike’s Outdoors you’ll find an outfit that runs guided pack trips for hunters in many parts of Northern California.
Hunting Trips
            Mike’s Outdoors provides guided trips for bow and powder hunters, scouting out game that runs from highland birds to deer and bear. These expeditions can be as short as a single day or as long as several weeks, and your guide can stay around, help out, and cook for you. However you can also set up a drop camp arrangement where Mike’s Outdoors hauls in the gear and sets it up, then leaves you on your own until it’s time to come and get you. The exact location of your camp will vary depending on what type of game you want to hunt and which places are available at the time of your trip, but this outfit frequently arranges hunting camps in the wilderness areas of the Trinity Alps and the Marble Mountains.
Bear Hunting
            One of the great advantages to working with Mike’s Outdoors is their willingness to be flexible. For example, if you book a trophy bear hunt but then opt to take a bear that doesn’t quite meet trophy standards they’ll lower the fee to the regular bear hunt price. And while all bear hunts run for three days, discounts might be possible for week-day trips or multiple hunters. Be sure to ask about customized hunting trip options.
Deer Hunting Camps - Setting them up
            Setting up a deer hunting camp or an antelope, bison, bear or any other big game hunting camp, one should establish a mission statement such as, "we will only engage in ethical, legal and moral practices when hunting (insert the particular animal here such as Whitetail Deer, Brown Bear, Elk, Moose, etc.). We will always practice hunting and gun safety for the sake of ourselves and other hunters. We will support and encourage each other in our hunting successes and our failures."
Family Expeditions
            In addition to running hunting camps Mike’s Outdoors also offers a number of family-friendly expeditions, including pack trips and backpacking, fishing, and rock climbing. Along the way you’ll find ample opportunities for bird and wildlife watching, plus some spectacular spots for photographs. You’ll come home with loads of family memories and a sense of total relaxation.
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