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Eureka Tents

Eureka Offers Solo, Timberline, Electric and Large Family Tents

Eureka tents have been part of the camping landscape for more than 100 years. Well known as pioneers in the tent business, Eureka developed one of the first freestanding—no stakes needed—tents back in 1960. Since then it has become a leader in mountaineering and backpacking tents, as well as in supplying tents for the military. But Eureka also has a good line of family-sized tents for more relaxing getaways, plus a new group of tents—more innovations—that come wired for electricity.

Backcountry Tents - The Timberline and Mountain Breeze
Eureka’s backcountry tent line still includes the Timberline series, that innovative A-line tent from 1960. However, it’s been joined by a whole slew of cousins. There are tents designed for a solo camper, such as the Zeus 1 Classic Tent or the Solitaire Tent, as well as many made for two. The Mountain Breeze model has mesh on all four sides, great for warm clear nights, or you can cover it up with the fly for rain. All of these Eureka tents are made for 3-season use, and many include a vestibule area for stashing gear.

Family Recreation Tents - Grand Manan and Condo Tents
There are about 30 models currently available in this style of Eureka tents. The Grand Manan, which comes in two sizes, has been named Camping Life magazine’s 2009 Editors’ Choice. This super tent features more interior space than traditional domes and a vestibule to keep your gear out of the way but close at hand. Other choices include the Condo Tent, with three rooms and a whopping 10.5x20-foot area, and the popular Copper Canyon series.

N!ergy Tents - Electrical Tents for All the Comforts of Home!
The N!ergy series of Eureka tents takes a giant step closer to combining the comforts of home with your outdoor experience. N!ergy tents come with electrical wiring pre-installed along with three or four outlets. Bring a battery pack along on your campout, plug the tent’s system into it and you can power up a lamp or DVD player, and even charge your cell phone. A console of switches lets you control the power to each outlet, which glow a soft blue when the power is on.

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