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GMAC RV Insurance - Competitive Rates and Policies that Meet Diverse Needs

GMAC RV insurance is one of the most widely used RV insurance companies. Its roots go back to 1919 when General Motors (GM) began developing its financial services operations. The company offers an extensive list of specialized options for RVs in addition to the basic comprehensive and collision coverage generally required for all vehicles making it a competitive choice for RV owners. Plus GMAC insurance is easy to find through more than 100 offices nationwide, representation with many agencies, and directly online.
Coverage Options
            GMAC RV insurance offers a full array of options for insuring your RV, whether it’s a motor home, travel trailer, or fifth-wheel. These include Full Replacement Cost if your RV is totaled or stolen within the first five years of its model year—after that you’re covered for your full purchase price—and full replacement of personal property up to $3,000, with more coverage available at additional fees. Policies may include protection for permanent attachments, such as awnings, as well as roadside assistance, towing, and emergency expenses. A Storage Option, which suspends liability and collision coverage while your RV is in storage, is available for part-time RVers, while full-timers can get a policy tailored to their specific needs, as well.
            There are also several discounts offered by GMAC RV insurance which may apply to your particular situation. Multiple policies, such as home or auto, will earn you a discount, as will financing your RV purchase, or even your home mortgage, through GMAC. Discounts are also possible for safe drivers with an accident-free record or proof of completing a defensive driving course. Even a subscription to OnStar, GM’s emergency alert system, will cut your insurance premium.
Outside Endorsements
            Three big RV-related organizations or businesses offer GMAC RV insurance—and only GMAC insurance—to their members or customers. Both Good Sam Club and KOA Kamper members are eligible for discounted rates on their policies for RVs and autos. In addition, Camping World, that all-things-camping-and-RVing megastore, offers only GMAC RV insurance services to its customers.
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