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Hammock Accessories

Hardware for Installation, Hammock Storage, and Comfort Accessories

            Have you ever gotten really comfortable in your hammock, only to realize something’s missing? Maybe you’re getting hot and could use some shade or a cooling mist. Maybe you’re thirsty or want something to read. Well, there are hammock accessories available to meet your needs…and more. In addition to those functional items such as wheel kits and hanging hardware, many hammock companies also offer comfort items. 
Functional Accessories
            These are the extras that have to do with setting up, transporting, and storing your hammock. Just to hang your hammock you’ll need tree straps or a hanging kit that includes all the hardware to attach a hammock to a stand. A wheel kit fastens to the stand so you can roll your hammock to a new spot, and a storage bag will keep the bed and ropes neat and clean all winter. Other functional hammock accessories include such items as tie-down straps which prevent a hammock from tipping too far or twirling in the wind and a mosquito net that arches over the hammock bed.
Keeping Cool
            Of course hammocks are designed for warm summer weather, but sometimes you may get too hot. Here’s where a hammock canopy can keep you cool and keep the sun out of your eyes. Pawleys Island makes a canopy for hammocks with spreader bars; it’s suspended from the stand by chain and poles, and ropes fasten to each corner of the hammock to keep it in place. If you’re still too hot, there’s a mister designed just for hammock use. Its adjustable nozzle attaches to the spreader bar, and the other end of its 10-foot tube attaches to a garden hose or spigot.
Convenience and Comfort
            These hammock accessories from Pawleys Island keep your necessary supplies close at hand. A table that attaches to the hammock stand holds two drinks, a couple of small items, and swivels out of the way, or the hammock caddy ties to the hammock’s side and holds a magazine plus a phone or other small items. And in case you’re thirsty a rope drink holder that includes a cooler attaches easily to any hammock. 
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