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Hammock Pillows-Matching Magnolia Casual to Island Bay Deluxe Pillow for the Hammock

What could be better than lying in a hammock all afternoon? How about lying in a hammock with a pillow to cushion your head? Most hammock makers also offer several hammock pillows or bolsters to complement their line. Some come in matching or coordinating fabrics, while others are basic but versatile solid colors. Some attach to the hammock with ties, straps, or snaps, and some are built right in to the hammock bed. Whatever your preference there’s sure to be something comfortable.
Magnolia Casual Hammock Pillows
            Casual is the right word for this company’s bright and fun hammocks and accessories. The extensive collection of outdoor pillows is perfect for hammock use. Many coordinate with this company’s hammocks and include ties to attach to the spreader bar. They range from bright stripes and prints of fish and huge flowers to more soothing cabana stripes and pale green palm fronds. There’s even a chandelier print on a yellow background! The hammock pillows are 22x17 inches—other styles vary in size—but all are covered in mildew-resistant removable polyester covers.
Island Bay Deluxe Hammock Pillow
            This is one of the larger hammock pillows measuring 34 inches long by 18 inches wide, plus it’s eight inches high; however, measurements may vary slightly because this is a hand-crafted pillow. It’s offered in several solid colors and two different striped patterns. The fabric is either polyester or Olefin (stripes only) and the filling is 100-percent polyester fiber. Each pillow has two 11-inch-long ties to secure it to the hammock and a zipper provides easy cover removal for cleaning.
Twin Oaks Hammock Pillows
            The Twin Oaks Community makes only one hammock pillow style, but it comes in 13 different colors or patterns, some of which match the Twin Oaks hammocks. The fabrics are synthetic—most are Sunbrella, two are SunSharp, and one is Olefin—designed to hold up to long outdoor use and the covers are easily removed for washing. The pillow itself is polyester fiberfill and measures 14.5x34 inches. Velcro straps attach the pillow securely to the hammock’s spreader bar.
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