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Hanging Hammocks in Trees, Between Patio Posts - Safe Installation Carabiners

            Once upon a time trees were the only places for hanging hammocks, but there were also a lot more trees. Nowadays you can still hang a hammock between two trees, but you have other options as well. Posts cemented into the ground, posts or beams on porches or patios, or stands designed for hammocks are all choices today. Whatever method you use, though, it pays to be careful and thorough so that the hammock’s occupants stay safe and secure.
            Hanging hammocks from trees has gotten easier than ever. While some people still advocate drilling through the tree and installing a long bolt, this is not only unnecessary, it’s really hard on the tree and may eventually kill it. Instead nylon webbing tree straps, also known as tree hugger straps, simply wrap around the tree without causing any damage. The 10-foot length allows for adjustments depending on the size of the hammock, the distance between trees, and the trees’ diameters. Carabiniers or S-hooks attach the hammock to the ring on the end of the strap. 
Distance between Hangers
            No matter which method you choose for hanging hammocks, you need the correct distance between hangers. If your hammock is a style with spreader bars you need a space at least as long as the hammock, but an extra foot or two is best. You can use extenders of rope or chain up to 18 inches long at each end to fill that space. Just be sure to keep the extenders equal on each side. Conversely, if your hammock doesn’t have spreader bars the hanging space should be about two-thirds as long as the hammock; this style is designed to hang in a curved position.
Hammock Stands
            Hammock stands are designed primarily for hanging hammocks with spreader bars. They’re an easier alternative to the labor involved in setting hardwood posts in concrete, plus they can be taken down, or at least moved to the garage, for the winter. Make sure your hammock and stand fit together, or that the stand can be adjusted to fit, hang up your hammock, and relax.
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