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Kelty Camping Tent Organizers

Reviews of the Organizers: Binto Hauler 3, Basecamp Bureau, and Kelty Kitchen Sink

            No matter how hard you try to prevent it clutter always seems to take over your tent and campsite, especially if you’re camping with kids. There will be stray socks in the tent, and the dish sponge will disappear. You’ll find the can opener tucked in with the beach towels, and somebody’s visor in with the marshmallows and crackers. These Kelty camping tent organizers will help get all this stuff under control. And if you think you’ve brought everything but the kitchen sink, think again.
Binto Hauler 3
            In this highly versatile Kelty camping tent organizer one large (27.5x16x16 inches) carrier opens up to reveal three separate smaller bins, or bintos. Now you can keep your cooking utensils separate from the potato chips and paper goods. This freestanding, stackable hauler has a plastic frame and a U-shaped lid that zips shut. There’s also a zippered outside stash pocket, dual carry straps and a shoulder strap. You can also replace one of the bintos with the Binto Cooler (sold separately) to keep food either hot or cold.
Basecamp Bureau
            The Basecamp Bureau just might cut down on some of the squabbling over whose stuff goes where. This steel-framed storage carrier includes four “drawers” stacked two on two in the 27x14.5x15.5-inch space. Each drawer is a bright, vivid color—blue, green, red, or yellow—so you can assign each family member to a color. Or assign each drawer a category of gear, such as games, toiletries, or towels. The ripstop polyester drawer tops easily zip open and shut so even a young child can get his own socks.
Kelty Kitchen Sink
            While not truly a Kelty camping tent organizer, this handy kitchen sink goes a long way towards organizing your camping work. Measuring 15 inches square and seven inches deep, this sink holds enough hot water to wash up after a meal. The fabrics are polyester ripstop with a lining of Olefin escoat to minimize leakage, and all seams are factory-taped as well. Side mesh pockets fold out to act as drying racks, and a zippered pocket stores sponge, soap, and utensils.
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